Amfiklia - Winter getaways

Amfiklia -  Winter getaways
Amfiklia - Winter getaways
Amfiklia on the slopes of Parnassos is one of the most important winter tourist destinations, ideal for relaxation and activities, without the crowd and cosmopolitanism of Arachova but very close to the ski center and two National Parks.
Just 17 km from Parnassos ski resort, built in an idyllic natural environment, with remarkable tourist infrastructure in hostels and taverns, in a relatively short distance from Athens, Amfiklia has become an important winter destination. In this, the wider area is ideal for alternative activities, whether for climbing or trekking, climbing and mountain biking, paragliding and hang gliding. Fterolaka at an altitude of 1,600 meters is the point where ski lovers have access to all the activities of the Parnassus ski resort.
The town of Amfiklia, which has been characterized as a preserved settlement, adorns churches, unique stone mansions, with vaulted gates, whitewashed courtyards with stone fences, fountains, squares and traditional cobblestone streets leading to points with a rich view of the plain that stretches at its feet . The Spiritual Center of Amfikleia houses the Bred (Artou) Museum, the Museum of Professions, the "Eutaxia" Hall and the Public Library.
Through the exhibition sections of the Museum of Artou visitors have the opportunity to get to know the history, nutritional and symbolic importance, but also the types of bread, the cycles of its preparation, its inclusion in everyday life and the customs related with this. In the taverns of Amfiklia one can taste the traditional cuisine with the spicy grills in the spit and the grills, the "kontosouvli", the "kokoretsi" and the splendest, the traditional pies with the handmade leaves, the fresh local olive oil, the "maskri" a kind of cheese made exclusively by the local breeders, and to drink the delicious local barrel wine.
Amfiklia is 160 km away from Athens, 50 km from Livadia, 560 km from Lamia and 17 km from Parnassos Ski Center. You can get there by road, from the Athens - Thessaloniki highway, to Livadia and then to Tithorea - Amfiklia - Parnassos.