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Cave Kapsia in Peloponissos is one of International Interest

Cave Kapsia in Peloponissos is one of International Interest
The Kapsia cave is one of the 10 most impressive caves in Greece and ranks among the top 100 that have been deemed suitable for exploitation from a total approximately 7500 nationwide. Although roughly 6500 m2 of it have so far been explored. Situated beneath the mount Mainalon ski resort, 25 km from Tripoli and 15km north Kapsia village, it belongs to a complicated system of sinkholes in the Mantinea plateau.
History of the Cave
The first person to come across this beautiful cave was the French archaeologist Gustave Fougere 1i 1887, while he was carrying out excavations at ancient Mantinea.
The first survey of the cave was conducted on the 20th August 1892. by a French - Greek team headed by Nikolaos Sideridis, a state engineer from Arcadia, along with two French engineers. Publication of his study of the cave and the region's sinkholes in the French professional journal Spelunga in 1911 brought the cave to the world's attention. Regarded as the most important speleological exposition of its time, the study drew international interest in the study of Greek caves.
In 1974 another French-Greek team led by I.Ioannou carried out further exploitation at the site and discovered a new section of the cave, whose existence the first group of explorers had been unaware of. They came across traces of an old flood, along multiple human bones and skulls concealed under 50cm thick layer of mud that covered the floor of the cave. Pieces of pottery probably dating back to the 4th and 5th century we also found. Some of the rarest and most spectacular formations of the colorful stalagmites in Greece's entire speleological kingdom explored up to date, are to be found in the so-called "Chamber of Wonders".
Fiery red, yellow ochre and aquamarine mingle the snowy white configuration of stalactites, offering a unique exhibition of nature's art.
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